[ USA ] – Geospatial Data Structures and Web Services (North Carolina State University)

This course built upon prior courses in GIS applications and programming, with a focus on spatial and tabular data structures, implementation, and dissemination issues.  Topics fell into five major areas, and also included a comprehensive capstone assignment working in ArcGIS Server.

  • Database Design:
    • We explored developing entity-relationship diagrams, unified modeling language (UML) diagrams with CASE tools, database cardinaltiy and relationship properties, data definition language (DDL), and populating tabular databases.
  • Structured Query Language (SQL):
    • We worked with a variety of different problems to learn proper SQL syntax and implement queries, as well as developing more permanent Views structures for use in web applications.
  • Geodatabase Design:
    • Building upon our work in tabular database design, we explored the use of feature classes and feature datasets as data organization tools, topologocial issues, and the variety of single-user and multi-user geodatabase options available.
  • Commercial Web Delivery:
    • We developed web applications using ArcGIS Server technology for incorporating external services, data query and display, and interactive geoprocessing services.  We also explored utilizing ArcGIS.com as a map delivery tool.
  • Open Source GIS:
    • We used the OpenGeo Suite of tools to work with spatial SQL in a PostgreSQL/PostGIS environment, and used JavaScript to work in a number of open source libraries including ExtJS, GeoExt, and OpenLayers, culminating in making custom modfications to the GeoExplorer application.

The examples on this website help document my work in each of these areas. While the specifics of the projects demonstrated may or may not be applicable to my future work, the underlying concepts within them are general and applicable to a number of different fields.


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