[ USA ] – GeoCover 2000

Landsat 7 ETM 15m 7-4-2 (1999 – 2003) near-worldwide worldwide satellite imagery, MrSID wavelett compressed file format, UTM WGS84

These are mosaicked landsat images in UTM. The filename indicates UTM zone and lower (northmost for the southern hemisphere) latitude.

*stuff.zip contains the .txt .TAB .sdw .met and .aux files

UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) is a set of 60 (or is it 120?) projections each covering a 6-degree band. Zones are numbered eastward, starting with zone 1, which runs from 180W to 174W. Images in different zones will not juxtapose unless your software can reproject on the fly.

As of Aug17/2006, every image has an .aux file that defines the projection for ESRI software.
Note: all images are in UTM North projections
Thus images in the sourthern hemisphere have negative northings


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