Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS – GIS APPLICATIONS

Los Angeles County Enterprise GIS – GIS APPLICATIONS


LA County GIS Viewer- Elevation Profile tool now available

An elevation profile shows the change in elevation over distance, and can be a powerful way to learn about how steep a hillside is, how difficult a terrain is to traverse, show expected water run-off, and helps visualize elevation information for many business needs.

Time-lapse visualization of city annexations

Check out the time-lapse visualization of city annexations on the County’s GIS Viewer! Watch the growth of cities occur incrementally in LA County.

Expand Political Boundaries > Expand City and County Boundaries > “Turn on” the City Annexations layer and the time-aware slider will appear. All you have to do next is click […]

Mapping Bike and Run paths

This is really cool, and definitely BIG Data:

Thanks to SoCalGIS for posting

Powermap for Excel offers free mapping inside of Excel

This was passed along to me yesterday and I gave it a quick shot. While it doesn’t have all of the functionality of the ESRI plugin, with the capabilities for uploading and sharing, it does have some pretty neat visualization tools, and it is free, which is quite nice. Especially the fact that geocoding doesn’t […]



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