EDMUND MACH FOUNDATION – MODIS Land Surface Temperatures (LST)

MODIS Land Surface Temperatures (LST)
From Land Surface Temperature (LST) maps, derivable indicators include temperature minima and maxima at annual, monthly, and decadal periods, the identification of late frost periods, unusual hot summers, growing degree days, spring temperature increase and autumnal temperature decrease (Neteler, 2005; Rizzoli et al., 2007; Carpi et al., 2008; Neteler, 2010, Roiz et al. 2011, Neteler et al. 2011; full citations  below).
While the raw data are of limited interest to landscape epidemiological applications, time series aggregation of the new sensor data leads to a new quality of ecological indicators which have not been available earlier. A special challenge is the complex terrain as it dominates the Southern Alps in Italy. It requires special attention to data processing and outlier detection.


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