ARCGIS – Benthic Terrain Modeler (BTM) 3.0

Modeler (BTM) for ArcThe Benthic Terrain GIS for Desktop is a collection of tools that ocean and coastal scientists and resource managers can use in concert with bathymetric data to classify and understand the benthic environment. BTM was initially developed as a desktop extension for ArcGIS versions 8.x through 9.2SP3. This updated release of BTM for ArcGIS 10.1+ is comprised of a series of ArcPy scripts combined in a custom toolbox that allows the user to run the individual processes as separate functions.  The BTM toolbox contains a set of tools that allow users to create grids of bathymetric position index (BPI), standardized BPI’s, slope, and terrain ruggedness from an input bathymetric data set. Additionally, two terrain classification tools give users the freedom to create their own zone and structure classifications and define the relationships that characterize them.


BTM is on GitHub! Get the latest code, send us pull requests, and see our current issues at


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