GisClient3, the latest version of our state-of-the-art open source GIS software, is now all new and much more powerful.

GisClient3 is an open source software written in AJAX, Javascript, PHP/MapScript that offers an innovative way to manage complex GIS projects.

The main strength in it is that allows to configure a big range of tools and functionalities easily and quickly.

GisClient3 is a web authoring tool configurator for MapServer that enables the user  both to build Mapfiles and to  provide OpenLayersmaps.

Designed for interoperability, GisClient3 publishes data from any major spatial data source using open standards.

Improving interoperability among the open source GIS softwares is actually our first aim, that’s why GisClient3 allows to create config files for a wider stack of components (including TileChache, MapProxy, TinyOWS) and exposes standard interfaces (such as MapContex and OWScontext).

The GisClient3 project development has been leaded by Gis&Web s.r.l with the support of  R3-GIS.

GisClient3 has a small but fast growing community consisting of users and developers from different countries (Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Austria). Support for users is available through the mailing list. In addition, commercial support is available from Gis&Web s.r.l.


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