Open source GIS optimise aerial photo archive

Open source GIS optimise aerial photo archive

An archive of 170,000 aerial photographs intended for geographic research is made publicly available thanks to the open source QGIS geographic information system. The photo archive is managed by the Research Institute for Geo-hydrological Protection of Turin, Italy. A report on the use of QGIS for the archive was published last month on the QGIS website. “QGIS features and plugins allowed developing tools and procedures to optimise the archive.”

The report, by Danilo and Franco Godone, explains how the use of QGIS and specialised plugins including Event Visualization Tool and Processing, allowed the institute to make the collection fully accessible.

The oldest aerial photograph in the archive of Turin’s geo-hydrological institute dates from the 1920s, the authors write. The institute combines aerial photographs with field surveys, historical records and models, to study geological and hydrological features of the Alpine-Po river system in the north of Italy. It allows the institute to monitor natural disasters.


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