Ushahidi Version 3.0 has been released

Ushahidi Version 3.0 has been released

What’s new in Ushahidi V3 and why?

Our primary goals when building V3 were to make the platform

  • more effective at responding to events and managing data
  • a more stable piece of software, and
  • easier to use.

To accomplish this we’ve:

  • Added steps into posts. Users can assign a workflow to incoming reports, which makes it easier to understand exactly what stage a report is in, if it needs response and when.
  • Simplified our user interface. We’ve reduced 30 flows into four simple menus. We’ve made the user interface more intuitive for the user by having only one admin menu, merging the backend and front-end and with user-permissions to manage access.
  • Expanded visualizations beyond maps to a timeline and a bar chart, with more visualizations coming soon.
  • Enhanced data management with Saved Searches and Collections. Once you have all the data in the platform, you can create dynamic filters by conducting a search and saving the parameters, and then coming back to see new reports that fit those parameters. This allows you to run multiple dynamic filters on a flow of data that will continue updating.

If you’ve been following our beta releases, and would like to see a list of recent changes specific to this release, have a look at our changelog here.


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