GIS Boundary Files

GIS Boundary Files

World map. Shapefile that applies to the variables for country of residence (CNTRY) and country of birth (BPLCTRY). National maps of first-level administrative units nest within the world map.

Spatially harmonized first-level geography. A single world shapefile including the major subnational administrative unit in which the household was enumerated across all IPUMS samples. The attribute data correspond to the codes that are found in the GEOLEV1 variable and enable cross-national geographic analysis over time.

Spatially harmonized second-level geography. Country shapefiles controlling for boundary changes over time that apply to place of residence at the second administrative level. Currently available only for Bangladesh and Malawi.

Non-spatially harmonized first-level geography. Individual country shapefiles corresponding to the first-level administrative unit in which the household was enumerated. The shapefiles do not account for changes in administrative boundaries over time. They typically apply to the most recent sample year for a country, and can be used to map birthplace and migration variables in those samples.

Non-spatially harmonized second-level geography. Not yet available.

European NUTS geography. The European Union’s Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (NUTS) provides a single uniform breakdown for territorial regions for the European Union countries. The shapefile applies to first (ENUTS1) and second level (ENUTS2) NUTS regions.


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