OpenStreetMap Amenity Editor (0.92)

OpenStreetMap Amenity Editor (0.92) – The Amenity Editor is a simple online tool to edtit or create points of interest (POIs) on the OpenStreetMap map. It should give the user the ability to quickly add new or edit missing information like opening times or address.

Data caching

In order to speed up the display of POIs on the OSM map data are cached. This can sometimes have the effect that they are not always up to date. To solve this problem, there is the possibility to load data from the OSM server. This is done with the button “Load data from OSM”. Loading the data may take longer under certain circumstances. We ask here just to be patient. The cache is automatically updated data when loading from OSM, also contributions in Amenity Editor are cached.

Change of POIs

To change a POI, click on it with the mouse. All information will be displayed. Click on “Add tag” to add a new tag or use the icons for certain sets of tags. Then, set the appropriate values. With auto-complete you may get suggestions, depending on the tag name.
In order to save the changes, click on the “Save” button.
To delete a POI simply click on the corresponding button.
To move to a POI click on the corresponding button and follow the instructions on the screen.

Creating new POIs

To create new POIs the create mode must be activated. This is done by clicking the “Create New Node” button. Then click anywhere and it will be a yellow marker created. The pannel to insert the information will also appear. Choose a template for the POI, or click on “Empty node” to capture any other information.


In the settings you can define which nodes should be displayed. In addition, you can specify here your home base, which is always shown when the application starts and when click on the button “home base” button. All settings can be stored in a cookie if necessary to restore them at the next session.


Made by GrundID GmbH, Data by OpenStreetMap under ODbL, with Maps icons collection (CC BY SA 3.0), Source Code: @GitHub , Contact: as(at)osmsurround(dot)org, OSM User: nitegate

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