An isochrone is an isoline for travel time, that is a curve of equal travel time. Closely related is isodistance, which is a curve of equal travel distance. Typically these are based upon following transportation routes such as public transit, roadways, or foot paths rather than using a simple circle (a.k.a. buffer of a point, “as the crow flies” distance). This article will use the term isochrones, however any weighting factor can be used such as distance, or even a combination such as safety and time.


  • Safe Routes to School Mapping Toolkit – working to create travel distance/time web app for pedestrians and bicyclists using OSM data (source code available)
  • OpenTripPlanner – a development branch has work on an Analytics Extension, which currently provides isochrones based on the OSM network and GTFS data (source code available)
  • OpenRouteService Accessibility Analysis Service – uses OSM data and map, shows isochrones within Europe (no source code available)
  • OneBayArea Travel Time and Housing Prices map – uses OSM at least for base map, with lots of options for mode of travel (no source)
  • isokron – isochrones for subway systems in French cities (Paris, Rennes), shows where friends should meet up; uses OSM for base map (no source)
  • mySociety Commuting Time Maps – combines subway travel time with housing costs, doesn’t use OSM (source code available)
  • Travel Time Tube Map – not based on OSM data, but warps London Underground map based on travel time (no source)
  • Mapnificient – isochrones for public transit, but doesn’t use OSM and no source available
  • Triptrop NYC – public transit isochrones for NYC, no OSM or source
  • ArcGIS Service Area – web app using ESRI ArcGIS
  • Walkscore Transit Time Maps – uses GTFS and OSM data for maps of Seattle, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Built on the open source Graphserver library. (no source)
  • Travel Time Search Uses some OSM Data – Create own Travel Time Maps for Analysis, or add Travel Time Search to your site.
  • Create isochrone maps for the travel time with public transport in Switzerland.
  • Research on Isochrones Scientific research with Isochrones at the Free University Bolzano/Bozen
  • OSRM Isochrone Generate drivetime isochrones from OSM using OSRM.
  • GraphHopper can be used to calculate a very detailed time information for every point within a certain time or distance reach.
  • Route360 can be used via an API

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