[ osm2po-core ] – A converter and a routing engine


  • osm2po is both, a converter and a routing engine.
  • osm2po’s converter parses OpenStreetMap’s XML-Data and makes it routable.
  • osm2po is able to convert large sets like europe.osm.
  • osm2po generates sql files for PostGIS, compatible with pgRouting and Quantum GIS.
  • osm2po creates compact topology/graph files for the integrated routing engine.
  • osm2po contains a simple HTTP routing server which returns CSV, GeoJson, SOAP or starts the WebTestUI.
  • osm2po runs under Windows, Unix and Mac. Just make sure you have Java 6+ installed.
  • osm2po does not depend on foreign Java libraries.
  • osm2po’s core is just one file. No installation is needed.

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