SENSUM – Remote Sensing Tool

SENSUM – Remote Sensing Tool

The SENSUM remote sensing tool provides a convenient way to recall functions available from other libraries (like Orfeo Toolbox) as well as specifically developed workflows like built-up area extraction from Medium Resolution (MR) and building footprints extraction from Very High Resolution (VHR) multi-spectral satellite images.


  • Pan: Pan-sharpening.
  • Cor: Co-registration procedure for medium resolution.
  • Seg: Segmentation (watershed, meanshift, edison meanshift, Baatz, …) with an optimization option using a reference polygon.
  • Fea: Features computed per segment (spectral and texture).
  • Cla: Unsupervised (k-means) or supervised classification (svm, decision tree, random forest, …).
  • Hgt: Height extraction from shadows.
  • Extr: Building footprints extraction.

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