Flex Projector

Flex Projector is a freeware, cross-platform application for creating custom world map projections. The intuitive interface allows users to easily modify dozens of popular world map projections—the possibilities range from slight adjustments to making completely new projections. Flex Projector is intended as a tool for practicing mapmakers and students of cartography.

Flex Projector was developed by Bernhard Jenny, Institute of Cartography, ETH Zurich, with assistance from Tom Patterson, US National Park Service.

The articles below provide more information about Flex Projector and the mathematics behind it:
1. Flex Projector — Interactive Software for Designing World Map Projections (Cartographic Perspectives)
2. Graphical design of world map projections (IJGIS International Journal of Geographical Information Science)
3. Blending world map projections (Cartography and Geographic Information Science)


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