Map Projections and Coordinate Systems

Map Projections and Coordinate Systems


  1. Map Projections

o        Basic Principles

  • Earth’s Shape and Vertical Datums
  • Geographic Coordinate System (latitude and longitude)
  • Map Projections Defined

o        Types of Projections.

  • Azimuthal
  • Cylindrical
  • Conic
  • Mathematical

o        Projection distance, area and shape

  • Equal Area
  • Conformal
  • Distance
  • Compromise

o        Common GIS Projections

  • Mercator
  • Lambert Conformal Conic
  • State Plane
  • Lambert Equal Area
  1. Coordinate Systems

o        General

o        State Plane Coordinates

  • Every State has at least one
  • Based on origins identified by each state
  • Identified on US Quadrangle maps

o        Universal Transverse Mercator

  • Transverse (uses longitude as standard line) cylindrical projection
  • 60 Zones

o        United States Public Land Survey System

  1. GIS Capabilities

o        Basic Concepts

o        Selecting the proper projection

  1. Questions

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