GIScene.js – A 3D WebGIS framework

GIScene.js – A 3D WebGIS framework

A 3D WebGIS framework. Based on Three.js. Easy to learn and customize.

This project extends the fantastic capabilities of the 3D JavaScript library three.js by adding GIS concepts like Layers, Controls, Coordinates, Projections and more. If you are familiar with the web mapping library OpenLayers you will find this library easy to use. You can use it for georeferenced 3D data, but it takes a lot of work from you no matter if your models are georeferenced or not.


  • GIScene.js is a spatially extended Three.js
  • Static Layers with Meshes, Lines and Points
  • Tiled Layers with single or multiple Levels-of-Detail (LoD)
  • Raster overlays from georeferenced images or OGC-WMS
  • Many handsome controls for Navigation and other tasks

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