[ ITALY ] – The National Geoportal

The national geoportal of ITALY

he National Geoportal of the Ministry of Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, operates within the regulatory framework established by Legislative Decree no. 32/2010 and subsequent amendments and additions, the Italian transposition of the European Directive 2007/2 / EC establishing an Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community (INSPIRE).

Article.8 paragraph 2, of Legislative Decree no. 32/2010 provides that the National Geoportal is the national access point for the aims of the INSPIRE Directive thereby providing a basis for the competent authorities, third parties, and private citizens to seek the spatial information available.

The National Geoportal is at the core of a network architecture designed as a federated network in which each node is “connected” to the central access point that is the National Geoportal itself. The main goal is the creation of a widespread environmental geographic information system consisting of nodes which make available their own environmental spatial information by sharing its metadata: the management and updating of metadata, spatial data and related services are carried out that way by the administration that produces the data without any physical transfer of it. This network is made up mainly by public authorities which may, in this way, fulfill its institutional obligations regarding the planning and management of land and environment.



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