qtVlm – Navigation and Weather Routing software

qtVlm – Navigation and Weather Routing software

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qtVlm is a Navigation and a Weather Routing software for sailing boats.

It can be used in two modes:

– Real Navigation with NMEA data and instruments, AIS, Routing, etc.
– Virtual Racing mode designed to manage and pilot virtual boats, for instance VLM.

qtVlm accepts charts in raster format (kaps, geotiff, etc) or in mbtiles format, and can also load online maps from various sources.

It is also a general grib viewer, and can read all known grib sources, format 1 or 2.

qtVlm is also available on Android and iOS, through the respective stores.

Please use qtVlm forum to report bugs and feature requests. Link can be found in qtVlm help menu. We cannot reply to reviews.

Documentation in English: http://www.virtual-winds.org/maitai/qtVlm_documentation_en.pdf

Documentation en Français: http://www.virtual-winds.org/maitai/qtVlm_documentation_fr.pdf

qtVlm Web Site

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