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This section concerns projects about Web Mapping and GIS Applications.

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Leaflet plugins

Leaflet is a modern JavaScript library for interactive maps supports WMS, GeoJSON and Tile layers natively.
Many other types of layers and widgets are supported via plugins.

  • Leaflet Search
    Control for searching markers and features by custom fields from layer or remote source.
  • Leaflet Panel Layers
    Leaflet Control.Layers extended for multiple layers groups and icon legends.
  • Leaflet JSON Layer
    Build dynamic JSON Layer via Ajax/JSONP with Caching requests.
  • Leaflet Gps
    Simple Leaflet Control plugin for tracking gps position, highly customizable.
  • Leaflet Compass
    Leaflet Control plugin to make simple rotating compass.
  • Leaflet GeoJSON Selector
    Leaflet Control for select GeoJSON features/properties in a interactive menu.
  • Leaflet Location Picker
    Simple location picker with Leaflet map.
  • Leaflet Loader
    Simple control to show/hide a gif loader to the center of the map.

WebGIS projects


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