QGIS Layout and Reporting Engine Campaign

QGIS Layout and Reporting Engine Campaign

How it works

Crowd funding operates by multiple organisations (or individuals!) each pledging to contribute part of the campaign’s funding goals. The composer refactoring is a large, extensive, and complex undertaking and accordingly we require 30,000€ to make this feature a reality. You can contribute part (or all) of these funds. If the funding goal is NOT reached, then no contributions are payable and the feature will not be added to QGIS.

This campaign is being targeted to the QGIS 3.0 release. To allow time for completion of the work and sufficient user testing prior to release, the deadline for the campaign is May 31 2017.

If you’d like to see the next generation of QGIS’ print composer, then your contributions are vital! Pledge, or publicise, this campaign to help it reach the funding goal before the May 31 deadline!


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