CanVis Visual Simulation Kit

CanVis Visual Simulation Kit

The CanVis image editing software is an entry-level program that allows resource professionals to create photo-realistic simulations with minimal computer skills. It runs on a Windows based computer and requires a Pentium 166mhz or faster processor with 32 MB of RAM or higher. (CanVis is not currently Vista-compatible.)
The software allows you to edit a scanned photograph or an image from a digital camera. Visual simulations are created by duplicating elements from within the image and by adding elements from other images or from CanVis’ object library. Objects can be resized, their color adjusted, and shadows added to create realistic looking simulations. The software contains tutorial videos that show how to use each editing tool.
One of the main benefits of this program is its collection of object libraries that contain images of plants, agricultural features, people, wildlife, and park elements that can be quickly added to the base image. This saves users valuable time by not having to create objects from scratch. Some of the other tools available in CanVis include adding shadows and text, cloning textures, and adding hardscape elements, like pathways and walls.
CanVis Training


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