QMarxan Toolbox

The QMarxan Toolbox is a QIGS plugin that provides a set of processing tools for QGIS 2.14 and above for Marxan data preparation, export to Marxan and analysis of results. The underlying algorithms for the QMarxan Toolbox come from the now retired QMarxanZ project. The current version is 0.3.4.

Fundamental to the design of the QMarxan Toolbox was speed and simplicity. Unlike the QMarxan plugin for QGIS 1.x, none of the calculated values are attached to the planning unit layer. In the QMarxan Toolbox, calculated values of features inside planning units are written to individual text files. This approach speeds processing and simplifies use.

This document is not however a substitute for Marxan training. For information on training see the PacMARA website.

The most recent version of this plug-in can be found on the Apropos QGIS Plug-in Repository. Add the following URL to your repository, refresh and you can install.


Use Overview

The design of the QMarxan Toolbox is for the following workflow:

  • Create a directory for project and within it a subfolder for your feature calculation results
  • Create your planning unit layer
  • Use the Data Preparation tools to calculate the line, point, polygon and raster contents of features in your study area
  • Create your first scenario folder and then the contents within it with the Create Input File and Folders tool.
  • Create the rest of your input files using Export to Marxan tools
    Manually edit the spec.dat file to set targets
  • Run and calibrate Marxan by hand or with Zone Cogito
  • Use the Report Features tool to assess the conservation feature compositions of groups of planning units as needed

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