Deriviste provides a simple interface to add nodes to OpenStreetMap based on what you see in Mapillary street-level imagery.

  • Click a place on the map with a green highlight.
  • Double-click an object on the street imagery to place a node there.
  • Use the search box to find an OSM tag preset.
  • Complete the tags using the right-hand tag table.
  • Repeat until you’re done.
  • Enter your OSM username and password, then click ‘Upload’.

The currently selected node is shown in red, others in blue. You can drag the nodes around to fine-tune their position. (You can also place nodes by double-clicking on the map.)

Don’t forget to revisit the area with iD, Potlatch 2 or Vespucci to remove any duplicates and generally clean up. The Mapillary API sometimes fails to find co-ordinates for a click – sorry about that.


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