Mapping Ecosystem Services

“The world’s economic prosperity and well-being are underpinned by its natural capital, i.e. its biodiversity, including ecosystems that provide essential goods and services for mankind, from fertile soils and multi-functional forests to productive land and seas, from good quality fresh water and clean air to pollination and climate regulation and protection against natural disasters. This is the reason why, for example, the first priority objective of the 7th Environment Action Programme (7th EAP) of the European Union (EU) is to protect, conserve and enhance the EU natural capital. In order to mainstream biodiversity in our socio-economic system, the 7th EAP highlights the need to integrate economic indicators with environmental and social indicators, including by means of natural capital accounting, to measure the changes in the stock of natural capital at a variety of levels, including both continental and national levels”.

Mapping ecosystem services is essential to understand how ecosystems contribute to human wellbeing and to support policies which have an impact on natural resources”.

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