“The Maymont Estate is one of the most important natural and historical assets in the City of Richmond. Along with a restored Gilded Age mansion, a wildlife center, a family farm area, and many other amenities, Maymont is home to a magnificent Arboretum. The Arboretum, which contains many one-of-a-kind and champion trees, is passively appreciated every day when visitors enjoy the scenery, shade, and fresh air it provides. However, most guests are not actively aware of the Arboretum’s historical and ecological significance. This plan proposes a geographic information system (GIS) based Arboretum map that allows the public to digitally explore and learn about the Arboretum. Furthermore, this map will act as a foundation to catalogue and display Maymont’s many other historical and natural assets, which are collectively referred to as the “Maymont Experience.”

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