Viper Tools 3

The VIPER Tools software package is both a QGIS plugin and stand-alone python package that provides a suite of processing tools for multiband passive optical remote sensing data including hyperspectral and multispectral imagery.

The original VIPER Tools was written for ENVI/IDL and released in 2007. Several updates have been released since and the toolbox was ported to PyQGIS in 2018 and 2019. The package provides tools for:

  • Creating spectral libraries interactively (selecting spectra from an image or using regions of interest) and managing the metadata (developed by HU Berlin)
  • Optimizing spectral libraries with Iterative Endmember Selection, Ear-Masa-Cob or CRES
  • Running SMA and MESMA (with multi-level fusion, stable zone unmixing, …)
  • Post-processing of the MESMA results (visualisation tool, shade normalisation, …)

VIPER Tools has now been developed in the open source environment to encourage further development of the tool.

The instruction pages can be found at and include guidance for installation, a user manual, exercises and an API.

The repository and testdata can be found at

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