[ QGIS ] – qgis2web and json size limits (?)

It seems that qgis2web plugin it is not able to manage “big data“. Of course, this may depends on the file format (json) in wich data are saved into. In this example I have tried to use a CSV table[0] (8093 records, 26 colums) from the “italian statistic bureau” (ISTAT.IT). The plugin produced a “white map” without any points. To display a map I were obliged to reduce the column number from 26 to 15. The json file is now 3,10 MB (3.254.549 byte)[1] .

[0] ElencoUnitaAmministrative2011.xls = Town Hall Location, points, 2011

[1] The original json file, that doesn’t works, is about 5,06 MB (5.310.319 byte)

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