[ QGIS ] – Blue-Green Factor (BGF)

“The blue-green factor (BGF) is a rapid assessment tool to help quantify minimum municipal requirements for surface water management, vegetation qualities and biodiversity in outdoor areas of property developments. BGF-QGIS makes it possible to calculate the blue-green factor for larger areas than in the original Excel-based methodology, by taking advantage of remote sensing data, GIS datasets, and CAD-based design proposals. It also provides a flexible platform for adjusting the scoring of blue-green qualities to suit specific local conditions and priorities.

MAIN folder is named “BGF_QGIS_GitHub” and inside you find the following substructure

• CSV – contains all spreadsheet tables with data

• DOCUMENTATION – tutorial for use of the BGF-QGIS project

• STYLE – QGIS style file for “BGF_flate” layer containing field structure, label and colour coding

• VECTOR – all vector files used in the project (ex: BGF_flate, BGF_locality_area, property borders)

• BGF_qgis_project.qgs – project file to be OPENED”

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