[ ISRIC ] – Accessing WoSIS-derived datasets

Accessing WoSIS-derived datasets

“Standardised datasets derived from WoSIS database are distributed in two ways. The most recent, WoSIS Latest (dynamic) version can be accessed through an OGC-compliant Web Feature Service (WFS). Further, WoSIS Snapshot (static) dataset in TSV (tab separated values) format are provided for consistent citation purposes and reproducible research.

WoSIS standardised data can be used in digital soil mapping (e.g. SoilGrids, GSP GSOC map), populate regional databases (e.g. GSP SISLAC), or to develop pedotransfer functions.

  • WoSIS Latest. This dynamic dataset contains the most recent standardised soil data served from WoSIS database. Being dynamic, the dataset will grow once new point data are standardised, additional soil properties are considered, and/or when possible ammendments are required.
  • WoSIS Snapshot. These static datasets are a representation of the standardised data available at a given point in time. For each snapshot is given a unique name and digital object identifier (doi) for consistent citation purposes”.

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