ConservationDrones – Post Processing

ConservationDrones – Post Processing

Commercial software: Producing ortho-rectified 2D photo-mosaics and 3D Digital Surface Models

The most straightforward method of post processing aerial photographs is to stitch them together using commercially available software, such as Kolor AutoPano Giga, PIX4D, Agisoft PhotoScan and others. The resultant mosaic is essentially a near real-time land-use and land-cover map that could be used for monitoring land-use change. Most of these software packages are very easy to use, and some of them can produce not only ortho-rectified 2D photo-mosaics but also 3D Digital Surface Models. However, they can cost between several hundreds to over ten thousand dollars. Microsoft offers a free Image Composite Editor that could be used for a quick-and-dirty stitching job. However, it does not ortho-rectify the resultant product, nor does it create 3D models.

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