Centro de Sensoriamento Remoto

March 17, 2017

Centro de Sensoriamento Remoto

Open WiFi Map

March 6, 2017


OpenWiFiMap is

  • free software licensed under the MIT License.
  • available at github. Please submit code, bug reports, feature requests or other ideas for improvements there!
  • meant to support free networks (free as in free speech, not free beer) like freifunk.
  • a HTML5 app that should run fine on mobile devices.
  • is backed by CouchDB+GeoCouch and it can be easily run as a CouchApp on your own CouchDB server.

Mozilla Location Service

March 6, 2017

Mozilla Location Service – MLS – Overview

The Mozilla Location Service (MLS) is an open service which lets devices determine their location based on network infrastructure like Bluetooth beacons, cell towers and WiFi access points. This network based location service complements satellite based navigation systems like A-GPS.

This open service relies on a community of contributors, ranging from individuals collecting data, developers using and innovating on top of the service to organizations sharing information about their infrastructure.

Computree – A processing platform for 3D points clouds

March 6, 2017

Computree is a processing platform for 3D points clouds, obtained with LIDAR or photogrammetry. It aims to regroup algoritms for forests scenes analysis, in order to extract data on structure of trees and stands.
Openness: the core of the system is under GPL/LGPL(http://www.gnu.org/) licence. Each plugin could have any licence, let to plugin developer choice.


qtVlm – Navigation and Weather Routing software

March 6, 2017

qtVlm – Navigation and Weather Routing software

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qtVlm is a Navigation and a Weather Routing software for sailing boats.

It can be used in two modes:

– Real Navigation with NMEA data and instruments, AIS, Routing, etc.
– Virtual Racing mode designed to manage and pilot virtual boats, for instance VLM.

qtVlm accepts charts in raster format (kaps, geotiff, etc) or in mbtiles format, and can also load online maps from various sources.

It is also a general grib viewer, and can read all known grib sources, format 1 or 2.

qtVlm is also available on Android and iOS, through the respective stores.

Please use qtVlm forum to report bugs and feature requests. Link can be found in qtVlm help menu. We cannot reply to reviews.

Documentation in English: http://www.virtual-winds.org/maitai/qtVlm_documentation_en.pdf

Documentation en Français: http://www.virtual-winds.org/maitai/qtVlm_documentation_fr.pdf

qtVlm Web Site

[ NL ] – Nationaal Register – Dé vindplaats van geo informatie van heel Nederland

March 6, 2017

Nationaal Register – Dé vindplaats van geo informatie van heel Nederland

Relief Visualization Toolbox

March 6, 2017

Relief Visualization Toolbox was produced to help scientist visualize raster elevation model datasets. We have narrowed down the selection to include techniques that have proven to be effective for identification of small scale features. Default settings therefore assume working with high resolution digital elevation models, derived from airborne laser scanning missions (lidar).

Despite this, techniques are also used for different other purposes. Sky-view factor, for example, can be efficiently used in numerous studies where digital elevation model visualizations and automatic feature extraction techniques are indispensable, e.g. in geography, geomorphology, cartography, hydrology, glaciology, forestry and disaster management. It can be used even in engineering applications, such as, predicting the availability of the GPS signal in urban areas.

Methods currently implemented are:

* hillshading,
* hillshading from multiple directions,
* PCA of hillshading,
* slope gradient,
* simple local relief model,
* sky-view factor (as developed by our team),
* anisotropic sky-view factor,
* positive and negative openness.

For a more detailed description see references given at each method in the manual and a comparative paper describing them (e.g. Kokalj et al. 2013, see below).
The tool also supports elevation raster file data conversion. It is possible to convert all frequently used single band raster formats into GeoTIFF, ASCII gridded XYZ, Erdas Imagine file and ENVI file formats.
Development of RVT was part financed by the European Commission’s Culture Programme through the ArchaeoLandscapes Europe project.


Shapefiles vs. Geodatabases

January 13, 2017

Shapefiles vs. Geodatabases

Ever wonder what the difference between a shapefile and a geodatabase is in GIS and why each storage format is used for different purposes?  It is important to decide which format to use before beginning your project so you do not have to convert many files midway through your project.

Cultural Heritage Inventory

December 15, 2016

Cultural Heritage Inventory – Customizing and deploying the collection of cultural heritage field observations with open source geospatial software Arches. (Arches Heritage Inventory & Management System)

Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics

December 15, 2016

Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics – Modeling surface process change and landscape evolution to better understand the long-term interactions of humans and landscapes in the Mediterranean using GRASS GIS. (Mediterranean Landscape Dynamics)