[ AFRICA ] – Regional Centre for Mapping of Resources for Development (RCMRD) – Open Data Site

August 1, 2022

RCMRD – Open Data Site – Mapping for Development – Search, Explore and Discover

RCMRD Map Competition 2022

August 1, 2022

RCMRD Map Competition 2022 – Enhancing the Role of Geo-conservation in Protected Areas Management and Environmental Conservation – Total Prize Euros 10,000

[ eurogeographics ] – Access Data

July 25, 2022

“Please select the datasets you want, and then review and accept the licence terms and enter your e-mail address. We will send you a download link and/or instructions for connecting to the service.

If you have any queries, please go to our FAQ’s

Stetl (Streaming ETL)

July 14, 2022

Stetl, Streaming ETL, is an open source (GNU GPL) toolkit for the transformation (ETL) of geospatial data. Stetl is based on existing ETL tools like GDAL/OGR and XSLT. Stetl processing is driven from a configuration (.ini) file. Stetl is written in Python and in particular suited for processing GML”.

Map5.nl – Karten

July 14, 2022

Kaarten – Info en preview: “Hieronder staan de beschikbare kaarten. Iedere kaart is interaktief, dwz via de +/- knop kan in/uitgezoomd worden. Klik op de titel van de kaart om deze beeldvullend te zien”.


July 6, 2022

Scaniverse lets you capture, edit, and share 3D content directly from your phone. Using LiDAR, it builds 3D models with high fidelity and stunning detail”.

[ USGS ] – Landsat 9 Data Users Handbook

July 6, 2022

LSDS-2082_L9-Data-Users-Handbook_v1.pdf (3.16 MB)

“Detailed Description

The Landsat 9 Data Users Handbook provides an understanding and associated reference material for the Landsat 9 Observatory, the data acquired, and subsequent science products and processing systems. 

Visit this Landsat Missions page to learn more about Landsat 9. 


Public Domain”.

Italian OpenStreetMap Extractor

July 4, 2022

Click here to browse the resource

Awesome Italian Public Datasets

July 4, 2022

“A selection of some datasets in open format provided by the Public Administration and of use cases proposed by the PA and the Italian civic hacking community”.


July 1, 2022

Roam is a field data collection application built using the QGIS libraries and Python. It was built to be easy to use on (windows) based tablet devices, with Android planned for the future.

Roam is built as a standalone fully packaged Python application with everything included. QGIS is not required to be installed on the client machine and only on the machine that builds Roam from source. Pre-built binary packages will be available after the first release”.